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Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click or PPC in short PPC is an online advertising model that allows advertisers to display ads for their business or goods when people search for the relevant things on the search engine.

Hence the name “PAY- PER- Click” charged advertisers only when a user clicks on their ads. The PPC can also be refers as Keyword Advertising. PPC is different from organic search.

The search engine advertising is one of the most and important forms of PPC with the help of this an advertiser can bid for a ad placement in a search engine

Google Ads:

Also known as Google Ad Words is the most popular PPC advertising model or system exist in the world. It allows business to create ads that appear on Google search engines.

The Google Ads operates or works on a PPC model that allow a user to bid on keywords and pay for each click on their advertisers.

The Google Ads uses two key fact ores are CPC and Quality Score.

Keyword List :

The keyword list plays a very important role in your PPC. Following are the steps to make a keyword list:
1. Categorize the Keywords
2. Build a Keyword List
3. Right length of a list of Keywords
4. Know the right Keyword Research Tool

Also, the list of keyword should be:

1. Relevant- Finding of targeted keywords.
2. Exhaustive- Most specific and less common keywords.
3. Expansive- Helps to refine and expand campaigns.

Management of PPC campaign:

1. ADD PPC Keywords: Addition of keywords related to a business.
2. Add Negative Keywords: Adding of non-converting terms to negative keywords.
3. Split Add Groups: Helps to improve CTR and Quality Score.
4. Review Costly PPC Keywords: Shutting off expensive and under-performing keywords.
5. Refine Landing Pages: Helps to boost conversion rates.

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