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Safa Infotech, Web Development
Safa Infotech, Web Development

Custom API Integrations

API Integrations

API refers to Application Programming Interface responsible for the interaction between data, applications and devices. The API delivers data and provides connectivity between devices and programs. It works as a messenger that processes requests and ensures functioning of enterprise system.

Functionality of API:

API is an online programming interface for any organization that allows applications to communicate with backend part or system. The API works as a channel for the company to sell the product online it enables access of services by adding codes to application and provides communication between various applications.

API Management:

The API management process allows the designing, publishing, documenting and analyzing APIs in a secure environment. Also with the help of API management an organization can assure that the APIs they created are secure.

API management can offer a variety of features, where the majority of API management solutions offers or allow users to perform the following tasks:

1. API Design

2. API Gateway

3. API Store

4. API Analytics

Need of API Integration platform :

Today’s API integration platform is ideal for every organization. There are some benefits or need of these platforms are follows:

1. Connect cloud apps

2. Best-of-breed solutions

3. Quickly and easily creation of new APIs

4. To get value from existing and legacy data sources

5. To compose new apps with ease

6. To make a teams more strategic

7. To improve team productivity across the board

8. It is easier than managing each API individually

9. Future-proofing enterprise integration